Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 for PlayStation 4

  • New UI for all menus and real player images for game plan screen and my Club, as well as new in-game presentation giving the game a new broadcast feel.
  • Compete in PES League in new modes including my Club, Random Selection Match, and Online co-op
  • A new mode dedicated to 2v2 and 3v3 co-op play, with support for local guests. Play together with friends, take your team to the top or simply have some fun via one-off casual matches.
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Daniel de Marksman
More to like, less to hate. The first touch and ball control system is superb again versus FIFA18.I have been a long term WE fan (winning eleven was the name) since my college age. But since the 2010 (maybe 2009?), sadly the FIFA has taken it's lead by far. PES has been drawing back on the game flow and display, online gamings, as well as the official licenses on team, etc. I played EA FIFA series since the France WC in 98 as well in the beginning of 21st century. And when I first got to play the WE, I was blown away by it's graphic, it's physics, and the "real feel" of playing football. I gave up FIFA for 10 years until I picked it back up in 2012, where I felt "wow" on its physics. It was really close to PES, maybe better. And since then I see the PES and FIFA went apart further and further away. Although I've been disappointed by PES, I still buy it every year with FIFA to compare, or to worship my WE dream. And FINALLY! They made it right this time. Although the goal keeper seems to be slow reacting, the AI wasn't active enough on some cases (eg. shooting inside the box after corner), but the physics is back right on. Good job KONAMI. And I like the way that you have full control for your player unlike FIFA. And your players is more grounded, and the touch of ball differs every time if your timing, force is different. FIFA felt like the player is a magnet that "absorbed" the ball to their feet. And the long shot on PES is still harder than FIFA. If you play a lot of online games like me, you will see many awesome fake long goals on fifa.I haven't tried the online portion of this yet. I only played a few exhibition games and that new "similar" feel made me has to comeback and write the review. I need to try the goal keeper game on the new PES again. I remembered that from WE8 and above, there was a view angle that was awesome for playing goalie. But then it was removed. New angle was hard to see and not as goalie friendly as the FIFA's camera angle.The lack of license didn't really bother me if this is really a better game. You can download after market Edit files online.

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