Far Cry 5 for PlayStation 4

  • Fan the flames of resistance and fight to free Hope County from the grip of a deadly cult in the newest installment of the Far Cry series
  • Beware of the wrath of Joseph Seed and his cult followers as you support the resistance in small-town America
  • Explore Hope County and discover the Montana countryside, wildlife, and its inhabitants in an exciting open world
  • Play your way. Build your character, make your own allies, and watch the world change as you progress
  • Upgrade to the Gold Edition and get immediate access to all Deluxe add-on content, plus the season pass; Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) Content Description: Blood and gore, intense violence, sexual themes, strong language, use of drugs and alcohol
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Comments about Far Cry 5 for PlayStation 4 1

Alex Aminian
This is a great addition to the Far Cry series. I've playing it for about a week now and I like the new format. It's different in several ways than FC3 and FC4:1. No radio towers to climb to in order to de-cloud the map and see the added side missions, locations etc.. Instead, as you explore the terrain, the previously grayed-out map becomes colored. I find this to be more realistic.2. You don't hunt animals to make pelts so you can carry more guns and ammunition. Instead, you hunt animals, and sell them (for good money) so you can buy more guns (ammunition and other items...) if/when they become unlocked. This can be a great time-saver and allows you to focus on the games' objectives.3. In FC3 and FC4 only liberated outposts were available for fast travel. In this installment, pretty much all discovered and liberated locations are available for fast travel.4. If you've played FC4 as many times as I have, you know how invaluable your small chopper is; unfortunately though, the chopper is available in 2-3 locations. If fast travel is not available to you and you don't have a chopper then you have to drive or walk (or run) to your desired target. Well, in FC5, you have vehicle/helicopter shops available in fast-travel spots. Again, another great time-saver.5. The terrain is divided into 3 different regions with each being under control by a different cultist. Unlike FC3 and FC4, none of these regions are locked. You can explore all the three landscapes at any time throughout the game.The gameplay, graphics and AI are just top notch. If you are a Far Cry fan and you are not disappointed by change (good change) then give this game a try. You will like it...*** Update 1 ***I just finished Faith Seed's (13,000 Resistance Points, RPs) and Jacob Seed's (10,000 Resistance Points) regions; once you reach those RPs, your final battle for that region starts. Fighting Faith was kinda tough (at normal difficulty) but they were both fun. On to John Seed's region...*** Update 2 ***I just finished the game and I had to knock the rating by one star and here is why:1. The game was just too short compared to FC3 and FC4; it took me about 3 weeks (playing a couple of hours a night) to finish all the main missions and 90+% of the side missions. FC3 and FC4 took about 5 weeks each.2. The final mission (and thus the ending) was just horrible! Of course I won't reveal the ending but it felt like they fired the director right before the game's conclusion and they scrambled to put something out. A bit disappointed...

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