Mini Buggy Radio Controlled Car

  • Beautiful, Unique and Great Quality, Great Gifts! 4 Available Colors & Frequencies will be randomly shipped.
  • Detailed Exterior.Rubber Rims & Tires. Kart charges directly from the remote control. Charging time: about 5 minutes. Playing time: about 8 minutes per charge.
  • Dimensions: 5"L x 3.5"W x 2.5"H . Factory Assembled Ready to Run. Controller Required: 6 AA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Full Function Radio Controlled. Forward, Reverse, Stop, Left & Right.Working Head Lights.
  • You are buying 1 (one) 1:52 Scale Mini RC Kart Racing Car * Colors May Vary
Category: Toys & Games
Tags: R/C Toys

Comments about Mini Buggy Radio Controlled Car 1

I knew when I ordered these cars that there was the possibility I'd get 3 of the exact same model/color; however, as I was ordering 3 together, and there is no way to be specific in ordering the model/color you want, I was hopeful that they would ship 3 different ones in my order. Unfortunately, that is not what happened, and I received 3 identical blue models. I wasn't positive if these would all be on the same frequency either, or if there might be some way to change each individual car to a different frequency so that they could all be run at the same time, in the same room. After looking them over, there is no way to change the radio frequency per car, and they are all on the same one. So when I turn on all 3 cars, one remote ends up running all 3 cars.In the past I have purchased some Air Hogs mini R/C cars for a similar price. And, while the quality wasn't great (some would break within an hour or so of play, one never even worked out of the box), you could select up to 4 different radio signals so that you could race 4 cars at once in the same area. That was really what I was hoping for with these cars. I'd hoped that the cars would be different, could all be run in the same room at the same time, and that the quality of the cars would be better than that of the Air Hogs brand. Turns out I was 0 for 3 here, as even the quality is just as questionable. Of the 3 cars I received, 2 of the 3 arrived with the front wheel off it's steering pin. It turned out to be as easy a fix as the Air Hogs cars, which also have this problem with the steering pin popping off easily. But, again, overall I was expecting more with these cars. I am expecting that these cars will damage/break easily ....I would not recommend buying these cars. They are cheaply made, and you cannot run more than one car at a time in the same room. Stick with the Air Hogs cars if your kids want to race the cars together on the same room.

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