Disney Princess Pink Carriage

  • A celebrated fairy tale comes to life with the 24-Volt Rechargeable  Disney Princess Carriage
  • Can Fit 2 Children
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Jennifer Moore
Last week I saw a photo of the Disney Princess Carriage making the rounds on Facebook, and my first thought was: "This thing is totally awesome!" I'm a petite Asian female weighing just under 130 pounds. When I was a kid, I didn't have anything like this - no Power Wheels, not even an American Girl Doll. Maybe you can say, I'm overcompensating for my childhood and I just don't care. Went to Walmart last week and bought one of two the store had in stock.Not going to lie, the assembly was tough. You definitely NEED two people to tag team, otherwise you are going to hate yourself and the Disney Princess Carriage. Do yourself a favor and DON'T do this alone. The base is built very solid, which was surprising. The top plastic pieces are a bit flimsy, and it was very difficult to screw into the plastic and some of the holes didn't line up very well. THANK GOD my husband came home from work and was able to help me put the curtains on. That step was also not fun.You need 2 AA batteries (steering wheel horn) and 8 AAA batteries (lanterns), so just know that going in and be prepared. Before the 1st use, you do have to charge this thing for 18 hours. Do not start this project on Christmas Eve! Your kids won't be able to actually play with the Princess Carriage on Christmas Day. It would have been nice if the charging cord was longer, at least double the length.There is no brake, to stop - you just take your foot off the "gas" pedal. Driving in the carriage is a bit jerky, but just the fact that you can sit in a freaking Disney Princess Carriage and drive around is definitely priceless. My husband (6-feet tall, 160 pounds) and I both drove around our street and backyard. We got a few strange and curious looks from neighbors, especially since we don't have kids...We made a couple videos that might help in your decision making - if you're interested in seeing these they are on the YouTube channel "Moore Approved." (LINK IN JENNIFER MOORE'S PROFILE)DISCLAIMER: Yes, this product is meant for children so I am not recommending adults buy this for personal use. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the product, quality, and assembly.

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