CuberSpeed Moyu Magic Cube

  • The MoYu 13x13 is finally available! This highly impressive 13-layer cube is the largest cube currently in production, and it features a robust mechanism that delivers smooth turning on all layers.
  • It comes in a nice display box, and it includes a full set of extra factory stickers with application tape in case you need to replace any stickers.
Category: Toys & Games

Comments about CuberSpeed Moyu Magic Cube 1

Raymond S. Maestas
Please DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS TOTAL PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!! After I spent THREE MONTHS super gluing the stickers down so they wouldn't fall off the minute I touched them, the VERY FIRST time I went to mess up the cube so I could enjoy solving it, one of the pieces got stuck and then completely popped out of the cube and, of course, I can't get it back in...... I have read some of the other reviews that talk about the stickers falling off: I don't care what anyone says - this is not some five dollar toy I bought at Target. This thing was EXPENSIVE!!! and for the money I paid the stickers should NEVER fall off. And now the thing is falling apart? VERY dissappointing to say the least. I will say it again: DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!

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