Barbie Gymnastic Coach Dolls & Playset

  • Barbie doll comes with working gymnastic equipment and a student to play out gymnastic teacher career fun!
  • Snap the student doll's wrists into the clips on the bar and move the lever to watch her spin around with super stunts!
  • Use the ribbon that fits in dolls' hand to act out rhythmic dance
  • Hit the "mats" with the hoop
  • Award the "gold" medal or pink starred trophy for a perfect 10
Category: Toys & Games
Tags: Girl

Comments about Barbie Gymnastic Coach Dolls & Playset 1

Laura Coffey
 My girls LOVE this Barbie set- just in time for the Olympics! It comes with so many accessories and it actually works! They were super excited to try it and even made their own review video for it. I can't say enough great things about this set. Coach Barbie's outfit is stylish, yet appropriate and the little gymnast is adorable. She really does flips around the bar!

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