Mixed Tool Set, 210-Piece

  • Chrome vanadium forged body for torque, strenght and durability
  • Full polish chrome finish for anti-corrosion protection
  • Tools meet or exceed ANSI specs
  • Includes blow molded case for easy tool storage and portability
Category: Tools

Comments about Mixed Tool Set, 210-Piece 1

I know what your probably asking, "Should I pick the Crescent 170 piece tool set or the Stanley 210 Piece tool set? Well, I have both the Crescent and the Stanley set. In my opinion the Stanley tool set is a better product. The tools themselves are probably about the same, but I constantly have issues with tools falling out of the Crescent set...in particular the drill drives. Also, the Crescent set has these plastic tabs that lock the kit in place which I already had 1 break off and the Stanley case locks using a center locking twist mechanism that seems to be much stronger and really lock the case together. Overall I like the Stanley kit better. If I had the choice again I would have bought 2 Stanley kits instead of buying the Crescent kit.

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