Mechanics Tool Set DEWALT DWMT81534

  • ACCESS: The 72 tooth ratchet allows for a 5 degree arc swing allowing for greater access in tight spaces.
  • DURABILITY: The set comes in a durable blow mold case, keeping your tools safe in your house or garage.
  • COMFORT: The anti-slip screwdriver provides maximum comfort during use.
  • DESIGN: Sockets and box end wrenches incorporate DEWALT DirectTorque Technology, allowing for greater contact with fasteners and greater torque to make tightening and loosening easy.
  • VARIETY: This set comes with an array of sockets, wrenches, accessories and specialty bits, great for a variety of uses
  • 205Pc 
Category: Tools
Tags: Men Hand Tools

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PONTIAC||901 Reviews
First of all, thanks DeWalt/Amazon for moving the impact drivers and power drills out of this grouping on Amazon so that it is not as confusing. All of the reviews now that mention the drills, however, are now not worth anything so the reviews are not off. Oh well. This DeWalt tool set seems to be well built, with quality pieces, unlike the Allen Wrench socket set that I had previously whose case fell apart and is currently being held together with duct tape.CONS:-The toolset is pretty heavy, but a general rule of thumb is that quality and weight usually run harmoniously with each-other, so this is not a big deal.-It does not have the attachment adapter for a drill or impact driver for the largest sockets, but it does come with an adaptor for the smaller two sizes.-They are not impact rated, but I think that they will hold up for a battery-powered impact driver (I use a Greenworks 24V impact driver, I will include a link for my review of this product from Amazon.)PROS:-It has a very good, solid, well-built case that should last a lot longer than our Allen Wrench socket set, whose case fell apart. The case is made with a premium composite plastic material that looks and feels durable.-The hinges and latches are well made and should last a long time.-All of the tools are made professionally and nothing seems like it was poorly engineered.-All of the sockets, wrenches, and ratchets are well built.-lifetime guarantee with free replacement which is a perk.Time will tell and I will update my review if something goes wrong, but these products work very well and I am not ashamed to have them in my toolbox. The Pros outweighted the Cons and the only way that I would not recommend this would be if you work repeatedly with high-powered air-powered impact guns. I would highly recommend this toolset to anyone who needs a solid set of wrenches and sockets for their garage or shop. Please like my review if it was helpful. Thanks!link from Amazon for 24V Greenworks Impact Driver which I use and think is a great bargain:

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