53 Piece Household Tool Set with Wrenches

  • MOST USED DIY REPAIR HAND TOOLS: A clever selection of most commonly reached for tools used for repair and maintenance tasks around the home, office, garage and yard.
  • MULTI PURPOSE: Whether it is picture hanging, working with screws, cutting, measuring, and assembling furniture, this tool set has you covered. It also has perfect tools for computer, small engine or bike repairs.
  • PRACTICAL HEAVY DUTY TOOLS: Includes a claw hammer with rubber grip, adjustable wrench for tackling the most stubborn nuts and bolts, long nose pliers with hardened blade to cut wire and fasteners, and wrenches for gripping and turning nuts and bolts.
  • APOLLO HAND TOOL LIFETIME QUALITY GUARANTEE: Tools are manufactured from high-grade steel alloy, chrome plated to resist corrosion, with non-slip comfort grip handles for extra torque, and will last a lifetime under normal use.
  • STURDY COMPACT STORAGE CASE: Tools are neatly stored in a sturdy case that keeps them secure, clean, organized and easy to find.
Category: Tools
Tags: Men Hand Tools

Comments about 53 Piece Household Tool Set with Wrenches 1

First off, yes this set is cheap but it's well worth the price.People complaining about the product too harshly need a reality check. Yes its not laser cut precision accurate aluminium grade tools but its not priced that way either. I would say this set is for someone just starting out and looking for a decent tool set (like a teenager or a college student) or someone who likes to tinker around with computer parts or DIY home projects (like building a furniture from IKEA)I just finished building a bookshelf from a department store and this tool set came in handy! Took me about 2 hours and the tools were great! I had everything i needed in this set. Felt great to build something on my own and that's kinda the main reason i am writing this review. It passed the test!I will say that the only issues i have is that the fit for these tools are very tight! I have to pry the tape measure everytime and then i have to shove it hard back down to get it in place. The Screw bits are impossible to get out of their case without the pliers! But for me, considering the price, it's not the end of the world.Also the volt meter reader doesn't seem to work? I tried it out but it doesnt really register anything. I dont use it at all but if you do then it would be a con. Yours could work or i dont know how to use it properly, so theres that.If you are a professional handyman or someone who does a lot of DIY projects don't bother with this set, its not made for you in mind. Buy a $100 set that has all the trimmings. If you are someone who needs some tools to fix the occasional loose screw or that needs to change a door knob, then this is for you! For the money this is a good buy!PROS:CheapEssential toolsDecent buildGood caseCONS:Very tight and snug fit (especially the screw bits)Case could break its latches if you arent too carefulThe volt meter doesnt seem to work? (mines doesnt but yours could possibly)

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