100 Piece drilling and driving kit

  • Drilling bits for use on metal, wood, plastic and masonry
  • Power bits and insert bits to fill all your driving needs
  • Driving bits: Phillips, flat and torx
Category: Tools

Comments about 100 Piece drilling and driving kit 1

4-5 stars for selection of bits. Everything you could need in here. Rating goes down because I already have broken 2 bits. I do use the kit a lot, so it does work most of the time for me, but two times now in the past 3 months I've broken a bit while working. These could be a little more stout if you're using them for more "heavy duty" projects. For light duty though, these are perfect.UPDATE: 1 year of use. I have to lower to 2 stars. I've now broken almost every phillips bit in the box, and half of the metal/all purpose bits. They just don't hold up that well. As I said in my first post: they are good for LIGHT duty projects, but put them to the test a little more and they don't hold up. The selection in the box is so good though, wish they could hold up to even the standard work I put them to. I am not in business by any means, use them once or twice a week on weekends for projects in the garage.

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