Wilson A 1030 Baseball Ball

  • Pack of 12 ball
  • Approved for High School & Youth League Play
  • Red cushioned cork center
  • Grade C full grain leather cover
  • Raised seams
  • Gray wool windings
Category: Sports & Outdoors
Tags: Baseball Ball

Comments about Wilson A 1030 Baseball Ball 1

eric cunningham
I bought 5 dozen for batting practice for 8U kids. The baseballs were new, not blemished, and looked great out of the wrapper. Seams are raised (as advertised) but not overly like some of the Diamond models. I like Diamond products too, this is just for a comparison of seam height. The baseball has that nice "hollow" sound when you tap it. Nothing looked warped. Leather looks mid to mid/high grade.We only used these outdoors on dry, grass only fields and dry, half grass/half dirt fields. We use a mechanical Louisville Slugger "Blue Flame" pitching machine, coach pitch, tee, and soft toss with these baseballs.After two sessions, seams were starting to fray on 5 or so baseballs. The holes the red stitching goes through all stretched out considerably. I think this has to do with the suppleness of the leather, but attribute the red seams fraying more to the "grip" on the pitching machine than the baseball quality. The thread isn't nylon, so, that factors into it.However, many of the balls warped really fast and most of them have soft spots. The leather appears to have stretched or loosened as well. To be fair, I'm not sure how much endurance baseballs in this price range are supposed to handle. I was a little bit disappointed and am not sure if I would use these for batting practice again. I might go with a cheaper baseball or ones specifically for BP. For pitching & infield, they're terrific.But, the baseballs were all very "lively"off the bat and when grounders bounce off bad parts of the grass. This was one of my primary considerations for this baseball purchase. They have a real rubber encased cork center, medium grade wool, yarn, & leather. I don't like using the composite cork & rubber center (sometimes called "cork & rubber pill" - an extremely misleading name) because they are specifically designed to not be as lively, albeit for safety and skill level of the younger aged players.Don't expect "game balls", but a decent practice ball in the mid price range...which is what I expected and received.

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