Tactical Pocket Knives Black Blade Tactical Knife

  • Nice and well balanced knife
  • karambit folding knife
Category: Sports & Outdoors

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Branden F
I have a multitude of pictures for whoever wanted detail because I know the two pics the company or whoever is selling this, did not provide enough with just the two pics. No Offense. Arrived quick..came in a yellow package. Inside the yellow pacage you have the tac force box. And inside that tac force box is a slip of paper and the knife isolated in plastic. For the price the knife is selling for, the quality looks stupendous! It feels like it belongs in my hands. Nice size, not too heavy, not to light. It comes with a clip on the back so you can hook that up on yourself. I bought this knife for self defense only and this knife will do just wonderful. The only thing I have to say, is that the inside of the claw(blade) is sharp, but the outside of it is not..so you knowBut overall, this is really good quality and I would recommend it..

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