Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

 First in The World to Handle Over 380 LBS, Up to 12 MPH, UL2272 Certified, 10" Wheel (Black)

  • FOR ALL RIDERS – The T6 can handle up to 420 lbs, making it the best choice for riders of all shapes and sizes! Read instructions fully before use
  • ALL TERRAIN - Roll over bumps and inclines up to 30° as you travel through mud, grass, rain, and even gravel.
  • 12 MILE RANGE - The T6 off road hover board has a 12-mile range, and the capability to reach powered speeds of up to 12 MPH.
  • 10" RUGGED TIRES - Dual rugged, 10" tubeless tires designed for all terrain exploration. 300 Watt Dual Motor
  • ROCK WHILE YOU RIDE –The self-balancing hover scooter uses Bluetooth to play music directly from your phone.
  • Maximum Weight Limit - 420 lbs (191kg). Minimum Weight Limit - 44lbs (20kg)
Category: Sports & Outdoors
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Ok these things are expensive so I wanted to write a good but with the bad review. Quick note. This thing is very heavy. If you run out of juice on a long ride its going to be a bear to carry back as it is also ockward to hold.I first purchased a black one and it arrived in great condition well packed just as expected. I pulled it out and it had over half charge so I tried it right away. Read some directions and off I go. Right Out of the box it is set on advanced user setting. So you should immediately dowload app and do adjustments to your level of riding experience. As I rode for a short bit I heard a rattle noise on right side. Lifted it and shook and sounded like a screew falling around inside of the plastic housing. This was concerning but I continued to ride. Once on the second charge the right wheel occasionally stopped working and would throw me off as it would abruptly turn sharply. This company was quick to respond and sent a return label plus refunded my card as soon as they received it back. It was pretty scratched up by the time they received it because there is no protection on wheel guards and just paint and metal to concrete when this thing falls over. Ok so I ordered a second but in camo this time so scratches don't show so much. It's not a matter if it hits the concrete but when and how fast you are going when it does... I received it and same great packing. Rode right away and worked good. Just found at higher speeds it felt like motors were not well in sync as board was not stable. I was able to lessing this by going on the app and reducing the steering sensitivity to level 2 but leave everything else at max. Unfortunatly this will not save so you must do this every time you power up ths unit. Second was the tires felt very stiff. The instruction card specifies factory setting is at 32psi but normal riding should be at 41 or so. It is a major pain to check and air up or down these tires but upon checking i ended up letting too much air out of the first tire so I pumped up to 34psi. Now I had it down packed how to check and having to use my tiny air guage to acces the stem I went to the other tire. It snapped out the guage reader and spiked it to the 50+psi mark. Guage maxes out at 50... so even though the card says factory set at the lower psi and to never exceed 42psi or tire damage will occure they still extremely over fillex these tires. But after setting both tires to 34psi for this 165lbs rider it made it a slight bit more stable and less jarring over rough asphault and bumps. NOW FOR THE VERY BAD with this unit which makes me unclear if I'm going to keep it. On the first charge this happened when the battery indicator was at 2 bars I was riding at about 10 mph and the boards power just shut down and left me falling forward toward the pavement. I was able to run just fast enough to cacth myself from tumbling and road rash on my face. The board tumbled end over end and scared up the edges fairly bad. This has only happened once but if it happens again this is unacceptable and too dangerous therfore I'll send back. Lastly, is I've found once the battery charge gets into this second bar range the stability begins to suffer and the board becomes less predictable and harder to ride. It feels like in super sensitive steering mode as motors are not well in sync and board sways back and forth. Overall its a fun experience and offers a great way to check out parks or other not too off the path areas. I gave it mid stars because of the lack of protection (scuff guards) to paint and metal for known damage that WILL occure and the problems I found from having 2 of them which both have notable problems. Tires over inflated, difficulty to adjust pressure, shut down, won,t keep settings after shut off, unstable at lower battery level etc.

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