Set Kit Lots Goture Soft Lures Bait

  • Premium quality: Soft lures shrimp bait set made with premium high quality plastic soft, flexible
  • Life like: Soft lures shrimp bait with a realistic design and makes it hard to resist for fish
  • Easy to use: Hook it up and use to lure the best fish you ever could. Silicone shrimp simple to use
  • Target species: Catch like trout bream, bass, flathead, whiting, snapper, trevally, flounder jewfish
  • Package: Soft lures shrimp bait set comes in a package which can be used for a variety of species
  • For Freshwater Trout Bass Salmon Shrimp 
Category: Sports & Outdoors

Comments about Set Kit Lots Goture Soft Lures Bait 1

Amazon Customer
Just received mine yesterday and was able to use them today. Personal preference I don't like fishing in big open lakes cause I suck and apparently don't know what I'm doing. Fished in a big lake and started off using what I'm use too. With no luck I decided to try these and within 20 minutes I was able to reel in 2 bass and miss the opportunity on a third one. Could have been right place at the right time but either way I caught them with these lures. The look, weight and feel are awesome in my opinion. Not too heavy where they just sink right away but also heavy enough to cast it out a ways. I took the leader off for a more natural/real look and I'm glad I did. Will certainly purchase more when the time is needed.

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