Ponosoon Sports Goggles Glasses

  • Hard frame and Anti-Fog Dual Lens Provide full protection for your eyes during exercise
  • Adjustable strap and soft silicone nose pad are comfortable fit so you never feel tired
  • Changable and Adjustable design, make it suit most people.
  • The windproof, dustproof and anti-fog lenses can be replaced by prescription lens
  • EVA case With hook, can link it freely to your bag.
Category: Sports & Outdoors

Comments about Ponosoon Sports Goggles Glasses 1

Josue J. S. Junior
I'm using these to play pickup basketball after having eye surgery to correct myopia. They can get a little bit foggy specially if you place them on your sweating forehead while not playing, shooting FTs, etc. so I recommend you keep them on all the time while playing and removing completely while resting.First time I used them it did hurt a little bit where the silicone pads where pressed harder against my face, specially on the nose, but I loosened the strap a little bit until finding a good balance between getting it firmly into place and not pressing my face too much so now I don't even notice I'm using googles while playing. Can't comment on durability since I only used them three times so far. Also I have no idea how it would absorb impact as I haven't experienced it yet. Anyway, it looks solid, both frame and strap.I always keep the strap attached to the frame since it's a little difficult to put them in place.

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