Penn Carnage II Boat Spinning Fishing Rod

  • Sls3 blank construction
  • Fuji K guides with alconite insert
  • Non slip fore grip
  • Pack Bay aluminum reel seat
  • Aluminum gimbal (rubber gimbal on CARBW2050S70)
Category: Sports & Outdoors

Comments about Penn Carnage II Boat Spinning Fishing Rod 1

Aaron K. Garrett
I use this rod for snapper fishing and it's great the med-light paired with a Penn 4000 Clash. I also use it for Pike fishing from my kayak, the longer butt can get in the way at times but it helps me to be able to launch lures betting while sitting. I also have the Med-Heavy boat casting rod paired with a Penn Fathom 25L spooled with Finn"s 50# braid and I landed a 12 foot Nurse shark on it last summer. These rods are no joke. I had something even larger on and fought it for 45 min before it cut the line. The Rod handled it perfectly.

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