NBA Street Basketball Spalding

  • Official NBA Street Basketball, Size 6 (28.5")
  • Performance Outdoor Cover
  • Wide Channel Design for Incredible Grip & Feel
  • Designed for Competitive Street Play
Category: Sports & Outdoors

Comments about NBA Street Basketball Spalding 1

I love balls. I love shooting them into them netted holes. Makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I also love dribbling them. Something about seeing the rubber his my skin. So romantic. And this ball has such a fantastic grip. It fits perfectly into my palm like a horse fits into a horse carriage. I have no doubt the orange man would make a perfect companion if I ever was stranded on an island. I would always keep him by my side and never let him leave me. He would be my glowing light, my star, my partner and my heroine. My orange rubber makes for a great swoosh.

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