Napier Enterprises BACKROADZ SUV TENT 6 Feet

  • Allows you to sleep comfortably off the ground. Sewn-in floor. Quick-and-easy set-up.
  • 4 large windows and 1 door. Provides ample ventilation. Full rain fly.
  • Storm flap in door enhances privacy. Travel bag included. Roomy 5'5" interior.
  • Capacity: 2. Use: 3 season. Tent/Rainfly Material: Polyester taffeta.
  • Floor Material: Polyethylene. Poles: 4 shock-corded fiberglass poles. 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.
Category: Sports & Outdoors
Tags: Tent

Comments about Napier Enterprises BACKROADZ SUV TENT 6 Feet 1

D. S. Hailey
I purposely waited until we had a chance to use the tent before writing this review. We used this tent in an F150 with a BestTop roll up style bed cover. From the earlier reviews we did a practice run putting the tent up before going on our trip. The first time was slightly cumbersome, but not bad. Once we had it, it was easy the next several times we put it up and down. Quality was good and nothing broke or malfunctioned until the very last day. The string which held the green pole together broke the final time we disassembled the tent for the ride home. I'm going to try to get a replacement and will update this with the results. I'll I felt as if the bed of the truck was adequately protected.The experience of using the tent was great. We camped in Colorado with weather down to 40F and up to 85F. It rained multiple times during our trip. The tent never leaked. It did have condensate, but it did not leak. The tent has a net at the top. We used this to hold our iPad and watch movies at night which was fun. The interesting part of our trip was we had to use our truck every day during the trip. I built a platform for a bed in the truck which had to be removed before removing the tent. We didn't want to disassemble the entire setup each day so I simply removed the poles, unhooked the straps and folded the tent into the back of the truck then rolled the bed cover over it all. This worked great. It also allowed me to take down and put up the tent several times in this one trip. I became pretty quick at putting it up. With help it could pop right up in 10 minutes. All of the clips and straps held strong through all of this up and down with the tent. As mentioned before, the only issue with any hardware was the string on the green pole.Even with that one issue I think this tent is of very good quality and worthy of a high ranking. It handled the weather nicely, was simple to set up and take down and had as much room as one could possibly expect in a tent for a short bed truck. I'm happy with the purchase.One thing you'll need to get used to is everyone asking about the tent. We had a lot of people stop by and look at the setup.UPDATE:Napier customer service proved to be fantastic. They sent a replacement green pole quickly. We are still very happy with this purchase.

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