Military knife - 3 pieces - CSGO

  • This triple set is a definite game winner
  • Stainless steel blades with metallic red finish
  • Durable TPU secure-grip handles
  • Karambit: Overall length 7 1/2
  • Huntsman: Overall length, 8 1/2
Category: Sports & Outdoors

Comments about Military knife - 3 pieces - CSGO 1

JET Setter
I was attracted to this knife set because of the red finish. I have a thing for the lovely metallic red color, and I was not disappointed. Fixed blade and full tang, the knives are solid and sturdy, wirh handles that are comfortable to hold. The weight is pleasing, and each has a nice nylon sheath. They're not super sharp out of the box, but that's remedied easily enough. They're made in China, but they seem to be well-wrought. All in all, I'm enjoying the unique red color, and the compact size of these three knives.

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