Infusion Pro Water Infuser

  • Stays Colder Longer: Thanks to the fruit infused water bottle insulating neoprene sleeve & carrying strap you can have cool gourmet fruit infuser water everywhere. Wash infusion water bottle by hand or dishwasher (top rack) then refill with another amazing flavor!
  •  Bottom-Infusing Design with Strainer: Extra-large infuser basket holds more fruit at the bottom of the infuser water bottle, allowing water to acquire more taste. The unique strainer prevents seeds, pulp or ice from clogging the drinking spout.
  •  Premium Quality: Your leak-proof infusion pro water bottle comes in 100% Eastman TRITAN plastic, famous for durability & BPA-FREE safety. Enjoy with complete peace of mind! Locking flip top spout on the fruit infuser water bottle for quick on the go drinking.
  •  Perfect for Detox & Weight Loss: With your fruit water bottle infuser, you'll create healthy, tasty fusion water bottle drinks FREE of sugar & calories. You'll even receive a free water infuser E-Book filled with tasty no-cal recipes!
  •  Lifetime Guarantee: If you're not happy at any point during the life of your Infusion Pro insulated water infuser bottle, we'll refund your purchase price no questions asked.
  •  24 oz Fruit Infused Water Bottle.
  • Premium Leak Proof Tritan Plastic with Bottom Infusing Design .
  • Flip Top Locking Spout with Neoprene Insulated Sleeve & Strainer
Category: Sports & Outdoors
Tags: Women Gym

Comments about Infusion Pro Water Infuser 1

Casey Mollohan
 Before I even talk about this awesome bottle I should say that Infusions Pro has lived up to their reputation and delivered once again with this new bottle of theirs!  The best customer service reputation in my book from a previous experience I had with them from a bottle that I bought almost a year ago and still use to this day. I will just leave it that the company will always go above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied.The bottle itself is perfect, especially now that they have a new designed the top lid as there is a locking and unlocking clip with a push to open plastic cap. The nozzle is bigger now as well so it’s much easier to drink a lot of water at once. Haven’t experienced any kind of leaking and for those wondering there are two o rings in both the top and bottom lids that are removable for cleaning however serve the purpose to prevent any sort of leakage. The fruit infusion concept is great, just like before, and is the primary reason I always go with their company because of the bottom infuser design instead of having it at the top where it doesn’t seem to be as flavorful.Definitely recommend this bottle to anyone and everyone!

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