Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin Snark SN-5

  • Full Color Display
  • Display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing
  • Features frequency range tailored to guitar and bass
  • Tuner can be used on front of back of headstock

Comments about Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin Snark SN-5 1

My wife wants to learn to play a guitar so she bought a used one and it was out of tune. we went to our local music shop and had the strings replaced and tuned. It cost 28.00. When I went to pick up the guitar he told me that new strings will need tuned often until the strings get broke in. I immediately looked for an electronic tuner in the shop and they all ranged from 15.00 and up. I came home and jumped onto Amazon and started reading reviews and settled on the Snark. It arrived quickly and I was actually excited to give it a try. First, the display screen is multi-color and very easy to read, even for someone that's never tried tuning a guitar. I skimmed the instructions and clamped it onto my wife's guitar. It's so easy to use. Turn it on and strum a chord. It automatically identifies which chord your strumming and the needle jumps to show if your in tune, if your not, you adjust until the needle settles on the green and then move onto the next chord. Too easy. I'm so glad I bought this tuner and it was half the price of the cheapest one at the music shop. I would definitely buy this tuner again in the future.

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