Party Animal Dancing Speaker

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  • 30 Day Mfg Warranty
  • Cobra Digital CBD-PS1000DOG-BR Party Animal Dancing Speaker-Brown Dog
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Comments about Party Animal Dancing Speaker 1

I ordered the dog but they shipped me a cat. So I returned it and ordered the dog again. So they shipped me another cat.The joke I intended to use this for really depended on a dog.... But I ended up just keeping the cat and modifying what made the joke funny to begin with. Whatever. So, about the speaker, eh?I mean it makes super loud grinding sounds and the sound quality is sub par... But what might one expect really? This thing is hilarious. The grinding sounds just add to the charm. Kind of feels like if you kept him running for too long he may start shooting sparks. Or just overheat and melt. Either way.... Well worth $15 even if it breaks tomorrow. We got some good laughs.So if you have a joke that goes well with a dancing dog, I say this item will work for you... But be prepared to need to update said joke to involve a cat instead, because clearly this company doesn't know the difference.

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