Professional 8 Inch Chef Knife

  • WHILE OTHER KITCHEN KNIVES get rusted within a few months, aren’t sharp enough to cut through bones or their blades damage quickly, the Professional Calasco Chef Knife is made of 100% Highest Carbon GERMAN Steel to ensure ELEGANCE and incredible durability. Each 8-inch blade is hand polished to a SATIN finish and RAZOR sharpened to EASILY cut through bones or onions. Now, you can SAVE TIME while looking like a pro chef in front of friends or family. –FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!
  • MAKE EACH MEAL YOUR MASTERPIECE – You want to quickly CUT vegetables and fruits without making a mess, elegantly SLICE the steak against the grain or just practice for culinary school. We designed the MOST EFFICIENT8” chef knife for your unique needs. The BALANCED design & weight distribution makes it EASY-TO-USE even if you are a pro chef or a casual cook. The HEAT-TREATED blade is sharpened to 15” to provide MINIMUM slicing resistance. – NOW, YOUR CHOICES ARE UNLIMITED!
  • OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASY & FUN – We are real people who use our kitchen products every day. We expect the best for our family and want the same for yours. That’s why our Professional Kitchen Knife features an ergonomic PAKKA WOOD handle which PREVENTS finger numbness and hand fatigue. Thanks to its flexibility and LONG-LASTING sharpness, the Calasco Chef Knife ensures SAFETY in the kitchen while helping you cut or slice everything 3X quicker. – LIFETIME WARRANTY OFFERED!
  • A PERFECT GIFT FOR PASSIONATE COOK! If you are looking for an amazing gift that has that innovative WOW factor, then you will love our High Carbon Chef Knife. The LIGHTWEIGHT design is suitable for women or men and it quickly becomes an indispensable kitchen accessory. It’s designed to work for cutlery, vegetables, fruits or even fish and the SMOOTH texture is easy to clean. The 8” Knife Kit comes in a magnetic GIFT BOX which can be used also as protective case. – BE KIND & MAKE A FRIEND HAPP
  • ONLY THE BEST FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY…We pride ourselves on providing only 100% STAINLESS STEEL products and amazing UNITED STATES based support for our community of PASSIONATE CHEFS. We created Calasco – the sharpest 8” chef knife (15 degrees) – with EXCEPTIONAL CARE to provide the MOST ENJOYABLE cooking experience. Add your Premium Kitchen Knife to cart with total peace of mind, knowing that if you aren’t 110% happy with your purchase, we’ll provide you a FULL Refund.
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Very happy with this 8 inch chef knife, really great quality at a very low priceSince I received this kitchen knife I use it daily in cutting, slicing and chopping vegetables, even in boning the fish.The Calasco chef knife is a very nice knife that is as good or even better as other expensive knives I've used. The knife is well made, sharp and has a very good balance. The handle is ergonomic, comfortable enough, no matter the size of your hands.The packaging is superb and makes this knife feel like something very special. It contains instructions for use and care and instructions for sharpening the knife.I would recommend this knife to anybody.

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