Intex Metal Frame Pool Set

The best way to cool off and have fun this summer with family and friends

10-Feet x 30-Inch 2 Pack

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I've had several quick set pools. This year I decided to upgrade and boy what a difference! Even though my old pool was also a 10' this one feels like its twice the size! I took the time to level the yard. It's not perfect but close. The water is only off y about two inches on one side and I havent had any problems. If your heard is slight unlevel just make sure the side WITHOUT the filters has the lower water level. I do recommend a larger pump. I purchased one last year when my old one died and it really makes a difference. Ordered on Prime the extra $40 was well worth it. I've had other brands but Intex is definitely better than my previous ones. The vinyl is noticbley thicker and I have yet to have one of their pumps die. The biggest problem I have had with smaller pools is knowing how much chemicals to add since most of the products are for large pools. I read up on several pool sites and learned that I can simply add 1/2c of bleach daily along with tablets in a floater to maintain the correct chlorine levels. So far its worked perfectly! I use the Clorox brand test strips becuase there is a great app that goes along with it. I should note that after setting up the pool I decided to cut down a few limbs for more sunshine. One of the limbs was big and heavy and landed right on the pool.... I thought it was bent for sure but it was just fine! The only complaint I have at all is that the locking tabs on the leg pieces are plastic and did some shifting around while I was putting them together. It wasn't a big deal I just had to put my finger in the leg and wiggle it back in place. It would be better if they were metal but hell it was $100 so I cant complain. I lined it with a row of pavers first and then pea gravel. the pavers keep the Little Rock's from getting up under the lining since you don't want any sharp objects under there! It's worked perfect at keeping the kids feet from getting muddy all the time and tracking it in the pool.

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