Furniture Murphy Cabinet Bed

  • Easy to convert
  • Queen gel memory foam mattress
  • 10 year warranty
  • With Mattress
Category: Home
Tags: Furniture

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Happy Campers
First, I'd like to say that the murphy bed cabinet were terrific and very nice quality - it exceeded my expectations! Beware, however, when you receive it. It was delivered on two pallets in three very large boxes that were tightly wrapped together with cellophane. The delivery company will only take it off the truck where he can leave the whole thing and it must be where he can get to with a pallet jack to (i.e., driveway, garage, etc.) - just pray it isn't raining if you don't have space in your garage. He was very pleasant though and was absolutely on time. He said he is not allowed to take the items off the pallet, so once he places on the ground of your choice, he's done. That being said it was packed so well, there were no damages or scratches to the cabinet or bed. You will need at least two fairly strong people to lift the pieces and put the cabinet together. My husband and I did it, but I was definitely struggling. It's very heavy and you are required to attach the base to the larger cabinet while it's upside down to screw it in. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family, just need to make sure you have help to put it together.

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