Dragon Ball Set (Replica)

Considering that you do not have the radar of the dragon balls, you better buy them and go thinking of some desire...

Let's Buy the Dragon Spheres!

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Love these. They even came in a great box with a silk-like cloth. Beware though, these are NOT the big Dragon balls like in the show. Those are about baseball size, these are a bit bigger than a golf ball. They are made of plastic and the stars are very visible. Some people are complaining about a white line where the two sides were fused, it's really not a problem and not noticable. I will be using them to put on a shelf inside the original box, but they would be perfect for kids to play with (or any other aged person). Could even use them to cosplay, rather cheap, durable, and very accurate on design. The larger, baseball sized Dragon ball replica go well over $100. Prices I've seen varied from $140-$180, plus ridiculous shipping prices via the Pacific.I added a couple of pictures. In the box I placed the balls facing different ways so you can get an idea of what they look like.

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