8-inch kitchen knife with imported stainless steel

  • CARBON STEEL BLADE: Higher carbon content (0.6%-0.75%> normal 0.3%), easier to keep the blade sharp and hold its cutting edge for longer time. The knife excels at all tasks at filleting, carving, dicing and slicing thanks to its thin, razor sharp edge.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: One knife for all. The sharp kitchen knife is suitable for multipurpose knife for any applications, suitable for for filleting, caring, dicing, slicing, chopping and also removing bone. It comes with a HRC( Rockwell Hardness Scale) of 58-60 which makes it among the tough knives in its class.
  • ERGONOMIC PAKKA HANDLE: The knife is characterized by a distinctive, curly shaped wooden handle gives a comfy, ergonomic grip for both left and right hand. The knife has heavy and well-balanced feel in your hands.
  • FULL TANG: Full tang knives feature a tang that extends the whole length of the handle, which helps to provide strength and balance. This gives the chef's knife a longer life and is less susceptible to damage.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Lifetime warranty and gift box packaging.
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Paul Chiu
 I just got this knife in, and after using it the first night, I wanted to get a review out there. I was so impressed with this Deik Chef Knife that I could barely contain my excitement. If you watch any interviews with chefs, they'll tell you that their most important tool is their knife. It always sounded like a nice idea, but as their knives cost many hundreds of dollars, that was always an unattainable goal. Having enjoyed other kitchen items from Deik in the past, I thought I'd give this knife a try. I'm SO GLAD that I did as it really does make a big difference!Immediately upon receiving this guy, I was impressed. The presentation is great. It comes in an embossed box with a magnetic flap, and the knife itself is encased in foam to prevent any scratching during shipping. Removing it from the box, I was immediately impressed with how balanced it felt in my hand. I suppose this may vary depending on the size of your hand and your cutting technique, but for me, it felt really nice. The handle is a smooth wood that has been shaped well. The wood grain looks sharp. The handle is recessed from the blade to allow for a good chopping motion while still keeping your knuckles off the board (better control).The blade itself is decently sharp out of the box. Depending on your cutting/chopping needs, you may want to sharpen it. I was chopping some vegetables with it and it was totally fine for that. The blade has been honed well and evenly to prevent any wobble (for safety). Cuts were clean and consistent throughout. The knife cut through easily and quickly. I hesitate to say it was "like butter," as that is more a byproduct of a blade's sharpness than the knife itself, but especially in comparison to the knife I was previously using, it definitely was cutting "like butter."If you do a lot of cooking and are using an old or "incorrect" knife, you owe it to yourself to upgrade. At the time of this review, the Deik Chef Knife is approximately $25. It is absolutely worth the $25. It is well balanced and well crafted. It's amazing what a difference a well balanced knife actually makes, and despite all of the cooking I have done lately, I didn't know it until I made the change myself. I'm no longer using a pearing knife to chop vegetables. When I start cutting up chicken, I will likely do some sharpening, but for what I use at the moment, it's just about perfect.

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