Tablet Fire 7 Kids Edition with Blue Kid-Proof Case

  • Up to $129 in savings on Fire 7 tablet, 1 year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, and a Kid-Proof Case, plus a 2-year worry-free guarantee
  • Not a toy, a full-featured Fire 7 tablet with a 7" IPS display, 16 GB internal storage, and up to 8 hours of mixed-use battery life. Add a microSD card for up to 256 GB of expandable storage.
  • The included 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited gives your kids access to 15,000 popular apps and games, videos, books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more. Your subscription will then automatically renew every month starting at just $2.99 per month plus applicable tax. You may cancel at any time by visiting the Amazon Parent Dashboard or contacting Customer Service
  • 2-year worry-free guarantee: if they break it, return it and we'll replace it for free. No questions asked.
  • One year of FreeTime Unlimited gives your kids access to 15,000 popular apps and games, videos, books, and educational content from PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney, and more
  • Add even more content to your child’s profile in FreeTime to give them selected access to apps in your personal library, such as Netflix, YouTube, and Minecraft
  • Flexible parental controls allow you to manage usage limits, content access, and educational goals that can be managed through your child's device, or remotely from Amazon Parent Dashboard
  • Amazon Parent Dashboard with Discussion Cards enables parents to discover the titles their kids enjoy and connect with them through rich conversations about these titles
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Comments about Tablet Fire 7 Kids Edition with Blue Kid-Proof Case 1

Sierra Elise
I am really sad to give this review anything less than 5 stars, but I would appreciate the understanding as to why. We have owned, now, 4 different Kids Edition Tablets. They have their pros and cons for sure, but we have started to notice a trend with each one. Before I get into why I am no longer a fan of these, I want to express my love for the content and set up.Pros: They have amazing options for kids, of all ages -- and an option to even set up a Kindle based on the age range. There is a huge variety of movies, shows, books, games, characters, etc. and that is great! There is no shortage of entertainment that these can't provide to children, as young at 24 months. We have found that our girls openly express the things they are learning, and we've watched their progress - which, as a parent, you wouldn't ask for much more! The battery life is also great so that helps keep kids entertained for hours, especially on a long car drive. Having the ability to expand the storage is great, and somewhat of a necessity as kids have a tendency to just click everything they see, downloading many gigs of data almost immediately. The case is also an added bonus. It does a great job of protecting the screen and for smaller kids, that's extremely important in extending the usage and life of your device. Kids can easily navigate the menus, parents can monitor the usage and set limits, and of course, the kids portion of the tablet is an add on so adults can use this tablet with ease whenever they choose to: with the ability to access the internet, social media, email, books, video apps, and everything else.Cons: There is only one major downside to these devices, but unfortunately we have seen the same thing happen with all 4 of the kids kindles we have had. The charger ports fail so quickly. The chargers are never secure, they wiggle after days of use and after about a month, the only way to successfully charge your device is through a stabilizer and tape. This method only seems to work out for so long before charging becomes an impossibility and you are back to returning your kindle. Thankfully they now have a 2 year return ability, but previously it was only 1 and we ended up with two non-charging kindles by the end of it. It has been the most disappointing part of having these and you can imagine our kids upset when they find out they no longer can play with their favorite tablet until we can get them, yet again, another one. Over time, the battery life also begins to suffer so I wish the batteries that were used for these items could hold a charge for a longer period of time. There comes a point, right around a year of having the device where a full battery may only last through a movie - we have given our daughter's their devices fully charged at 9am and they are dead, or close to dying, by no later than 11 or noon.These are my only two complaints, unfortunately they are pretty serious complaints and they affect the ability to use the items for as long as I believe you should be able to. If these issues were to be fixed, these would be the perfect kids electronic. Until then, I am definitely wary of purchasing any more of these devices.

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