Stabilizing Spoon

  • Steady helps people with hand tremor eat more easily. It automatically stabilizes so the attached utensil shakes 70% less than your hand. Steady is designed to counteract tremors and shaky hands that may be related to conditions like Parkinson's disease or essential tremor.
  • The Liftware Steady Starter Kit includes the stabilizing handle and the soup spoon attachment.
  • The stabilizing handle includes built-in sensors, a computer, and motors that help to sense and counteract hand tremors.
  • The included soup spoon attachment connects to the stabilizing handle to pick up food such as soups, cereals and other liquids. The soup spoon attachment holds about 1 tablespoon (15mL) of liquid.
  • Travel pouch, hand strap and charger included. Other attachments (fork attachment, everyday spoon attachment, spork attachment) sold separately.
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Comments about Stabilizing Spoon 1

 I was almost afraid to get this for my 78 year old father. Afraid it wouldn't work and afraid he would be embarrassed. Wrong on both counts. It works very nicely for his essential tremors and he is less embarrassed than he was spilling his food with standard ware. He even had us video his first use and gave permission to post it. The video shows him using his standard spoon first and the the LiftWare spoon. Huge difference!

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