Panasonic ErgoFit

  • Connectivity technology is wired. Maximum input 200 milli watt
  • Black ultra-soft ErgoFit in-ear earbud headphones conform instantly to your ears
  • Eight vivid fashion color options with color-matching earbuds and cords (color-matching for iPod Nano 5th generation)
  • Wider frequency response for fuller listening enjoyment
  • Long 3.6-ft cord threads comfortably through clothing and bags
Category: Electronics

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Lady S.
If you're looking for a testament on durability, reliability, and fit, here's my experience with these earphones.Durability and Reliability test - Passed. (Four years of daily use and still functioning)Been using this since 2012 during the day while I work to listen to music. These are the only earphones I use that do have not an in-line microphone because it is not needed for my office work. This gets rolled and tossed into my bag every weekday, yet.. no tears, no loose wires, earpads in tact. Fully functioning. Sound still crisp and clear. It can definitely stand the mild abuse.Comfort test - Passed.The fit is perfect for my ears - very ergonomic as the bud rests nicely in the concha (bowl-shaped cavity) of the ear, cradled by the intertragal notch - like a snug hug. The earpads insert easily into place for a gentle cushioned feel, loosely 'locking' into place very naturally. I've worn these for hours at a time without any aching of the ear or hint of tension so the comfort is definitely there. I have also used them while walking, running, cleaning, and they rarely fall out - thank goodness! It's so bloody annoying when earbuds slip out!Sound test - Passed.Let's be real. Don't expect Sennheiser quality audio on a earphone that costs less than popcorn at the movie theaters. But also don't brush it off either. The sound quality is rather good. To the average user, one most likely won't pick up the nuiances between amazing full bass, mid, or treble. These are definitely not bass-enhanced so don't expect these to pump out your favorite bass-powered beats to your liking, but they will do an acceptable job at nice highs and clear mids.General notes:Because of the fit of the earpad into the ear canal, it does block out some noise. Because I do use these for work, I normally just keep one of these earbuds in for the music while still being attentive within the environment. These earphones also do a decent job at keeping the audio 'localized', meaning if you are jamming music at full blast, the sound will leak from the earphones, but not too much. I can be listening to music at a somewhat loud scale and no one around me can hear it at all.Comfort/fit comparison:I am an android user and faithful Samsung Galaxy series smart phone user. I have the old Samsung Galaxy S2 earphones and the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge earphones to compare comfort/ergo fit to. You'll see in my picture the stark difference in overall shape of the earbud from just three earphones. Yet despite my loyalty to Samsung Galaxy smartphones, the fit of their earphones are always terrible, even the latest S6 Edge earphone accessory. Here is why the fit and comfort of the humble Panasonic make my ears happier than most earpieces:- See Samsung Galaxy S2 earphones. Nice soft silicone gel earpad but poor earbud shape that doesn't 'lock' into place with the natural shape of the outer ear. Thus, it frequently comes out like a loose, thick q-tip.- See Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge earphones. Better quality silicone gel earpad that attempts to cushion the supposed natural shape of the ear canal entrance, but utterly fails for anyone with normal sized ears. Even with the smallest size gel earpads, the earphones frequently pop out and is very annoying. Not only that, the gel earpads frequently loosen from the buds itself and falls off. I got my S6 Edge summer of 2015 and I have already used all spare gel earpads + another set of replacement earpads (if you look closely at the photo, I had to resort to a Left earpad for my Right earbud because I had no more replacement earpads to use). I am now down to a single earpad and am giving up on these stupid earphones in general.Verdict:WORTH! Four years on a product that works on a daily and fits great for price of $6-$10? No brainer. Incredibly reliable and good quality.

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