Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones with Micro USB Car Charger

  • TRULY wireless Sport headphones for total freedom of movement
  • Packed full of technology that makes music sound clear and powerful
  • Charger works with most devices with a micro USB connector including fire Phone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC One products
  • Charges through your car's DC adapter
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Comments about Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones with Micro USB Car Charger 1

John T.H. Ghim
1. Sound quality: Absolutely love it. I tried several wireless earphones from different companies like Beats by Dr. Dre, Jaybird, and the previous Bose Soundsport earphone. I hated the sound quality coming out of those earphones as it rather lacks deep base and out of balance. This headset is not. I was amazed by how advanced the current wireless earphone technologies is at. To be honest, this is still not on par with wired earphones regarding sound quality, but it is not up to the level that you cannot accept.2. Connectivity: This is the most significant issue now. It occasionally drops the connectivity between the left and right earbuds without apparent reason. This is extremely annoying as you imagine. It does not matter how good the sound quality is if you cannot reliably listen to music. I am continually monitoring this issue, and if they cannot fix it within the next 30 days, I have no choice but return this earphone.Updated (11/6/17):3. Battery charging: It has been a couple of weeks since I first used this earphone. Besides the major issue of dropping the connectivity between the left and right earbuds, I noticed another issue regarding charging. I found that occasionally even though you leave both not-fully-charged-earbuds in the case that supposedly charges your Bose earbuds, it actually does not. Even after sufficient time (several hours), your earbud remains not fully charged. For example, today after I came to work, I found that my earbuds' battery remaining was 80%. I put it in the charging case (fully charged; 5 lights on) hoping that by the time I need them again for going home, it would be fully charged. It turned out they were not. When I put on the right earbud, the voice prompt told me that the battery is still 80%. Again, I left those earbuds for plenty of time (7+ hours). And I am telling you today was not the only incidence of charging failure I had during the past two weeks. Until today, I was not sure what is exactly going on, but today I am certain that this earphone has a major charging issue as of now. Please let me know any of you have also experienced this problem.

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