Bluetooth Headphone

  • LONG BATTERY: This bluetooth headset built in 65mAh lithium battery, up to 8 hours talking time, 6 hours music time and 120 hours standby time. The weight just 3.5g, very comfortable to wear.
  • WEARING COMFORTABLE: New in ear design, snug and secure, comfortable to wear, will not cause ear swelling.
  • BIG BUTTON: After hundreds times to change, we designed a beautiful big button, one button control, press easily and operate conveniently.
  • NOISE CANCELLATION: CVC 6.0 noise reduction, built in HD microphone, inputting high quality voice, promoting a call conversation of the transmission performance.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Bluetooth 4.1 audio decode technology, provides pure, high quality sound for compatible devices.
  • Kissral Wireless Sport Earbud 8 Hours Talking Time HD Microphone Bluetooth Headset One Piece- Black
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Ryan Blanchard
It's definitely a bit quiet, but I just jack up the volume on my laptop/phone and it works fine. Note that because of this, it might not be good for noisier environments - I've only used mine in a quiet environment, and I don't know how loud it will go.Otherwise it's been great so far. Given that it's only 16 bucks, I'd say I got my money's worth.(Note that it only comes with ONE earpiece. I didn't realize this at first - was surprised when I opened the box and there was only one, but went back to the product page and saw that was indeed correct. I've actually ended up liking only using it with one ear, so it's been fine - just make sure you realize it's 1, and not a pair.)EDIT: had some issues using it with iTunes, but it seems to be working now. I found a setting somewhere in iTunes along the lines of "Sound output", where the options were "Windows Audio Session" and "Direct sound". I switched it to "Direct sound", which necessitated relaunching iTunes, and that seems to have fixed the issue. However, I don't know if perhaps just the iTunes relaunch was what fixed it; I read on a forum somewhere that others have had a similar issue, and just relaunching iTunes fixed it for them.More experimenting to do, I guess.At any rate, still 4-star worthy, since it (so far) still works with iTunes.EDIT 2: no further issues with iTunes or anything. Upping my rating to 5/5 stars (from 4/5 previously); great little earbud, couldn't be happier!

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