Apple 15 inch MacBook Pro Laptop

  • PERFORMANCE: 2.2GHz Intel Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz, the MacBook Pro delivers speedy performance. Includes 16 GB of memory so you can multi-task with power efficiency
  • STORAGE: MacBook Pro is slim and sleek with a 256 GB SSD Storage. Featuring Intel Iris Pro Graphics, the MacBook Pro offers 64 MB of embedded DRAM
  • FORCE TOUCH: The Force Touch trackpad allows for precise cursor control with pressure sensing capabilities and the Taptic Engine provides haptic feedback that brings a sense of touch to what you see
  • VIVID DISPLAY: The 15 inch Retina LED-backlit display supports millions of colors. MacBook Pro includes a FaceTime HD Camera and a backlit keyboard
  • CONNECT: Two Thunderbolt 2 (USB-C) ports and two USB 3, support for high-speed I/O video out; headphone jack; stereo speakers for amazing audio
  • Silver
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Bought this immediately after seeing the unveiling of the late 2016 model. Losing the function keys for a toucher was a deal breaker. I use those for too often to have them be virtualized, moving around or even unavailable. The new one, while touted to be up to x faster, the numbers are based on the slowest 2015 and fastest 2016. The base model went up in price $400, which excludes any performance benefits. As a matter of fact, video is actually slower than this model, without the upgrade. The only real upgrade for the new one, before adding on options is faster memory.I run windows and linux VMs fairly regularly and while I could run them on a comparable Windows system, adding windows systems to an already portly windows system has never worked out well for me, so while disappointed in the new upgrades, this 2015 model still rocks VMs and does all I need it too for far less $$$. While USB-C is cool, a bag full of dongles is not. I prefer ports, especially the SD slot, which I do use regularly. With real function keys, I don't worry about one vendor or another not upgrading fast enough and losing virtual function keys, so this model is golden. Hope Apple puts back the function keys and keeps the touch strip too. I could see it being useful for some things, but not a replacement for real function keys.Anyway, if you are contemplating buying one of these and they are still available, do it. They are great machines, even if the crowd loves to follow the blinky light!

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