101 Uses for My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress

A truly unique book about making the best of a bad situation - the hilarious true story based on Kevin Cotter's popular blog "My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress".

When Kevin's wife left him, she had no interest in grabbing her wedding dress on the way out. "What am I going to do with it?" he asked "Whatever the f**k you want," she replied. After careful consideration, he did what any newly-divorced man would do-made it into a scarecrow, pasta strainer, dental floss, and 98 other things-while posting accompanying photos, videos, and witty commentary on his website

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D. Otto
First I can relate of the pain that a failed marriage can incur. Now, after reading this great book, I am reasonably sad not to have my ex's wedding dress to bring out to my favorite ball game. Before anyone starts up with "How could anyone do such an injustice?" It is stated in the outset of the book, that the dress was intentionally left behind with the instructions, from the ex to, do whatever he sees fit with the item. That said, Kevin Cotter is a genius, and has the potential to lighten the spirits of anyone who has received a letter from the courthouse issued from a woman, only mentioned here as "plaintiff" sprawled out on it. And wants to rise from the ashes again.

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