Charcoal Peel Off Mask - Blackhead Remover Mask

  • CLEANS, PURIFIES SKIN for a beautiful face. This highly effective herbal Blackhead Remover Mask does not use harsh chemicals or toxic additives. Gentle yet effective.
  • REMOVES BLACKHEADS, BLEMISHES for a clearer, younger, more beautiful face. Works equally well for women and men. Peel Off Mask uses natural Charcoal to remove oils, dirt, fine hairs, and unwanted impurities.
  • CLEARS ACNE, WINKLES, BLEMISHES by cleaning hardened oils and bacteria from pores. Helps acne, pimples, and blemishes heal naturally. Tightens skin to fade wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful look.
  •  EASY TO USE comes with basic instructions for applying mask, letting it go to work naturally cleansing and drawing out dirt and toxins, then easily peal off for remarkable results.
Category: Beauty & Health
Tags: Women

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Works great hurts but works great

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