Antoino Banderas Seduction In Black for Men

  • Recommended Use: evening
  • Fragrance Notes: Vodka mixes beautifully with frozen mint, passion fruit, leather and caviar
  • For casual use, with good fragrance
  • With oriental notes of amber
  • Fresh and sensual notes
  • Filled with fiery spicy notes
  • Eau-de-Toilette Spray, 3.4-Ounce
Category: Beauty & Health
Tags: Men Perfume

Comments about Antoino Banderas Seduction In Black for Men 1

beetlejuice beetlejuice
Now this product is a bit more woodsy & stronger when compared to his blue seduction. It works well its not overpowering bit very pleasent best way to describe it its a strong but not old manly smell my girlfriend liies it but I and her prefer blue seduction it has a nice smooth calm smell to it very pleasent & amazing. Try it out the price can't be beat.

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