Superman Symbol Royal Blue Infant Snapsuit 2020

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Category: Baby
Tags: Men Bodysuit

Comments about Superman Symbol Royal Blue Infant Snapsuit 2020 1

I bought this onesie for my almost 2 yr old daughter. Now usually when i buy a product from china clothing wise if i order exactly the size its way too small. Well this time i order 18 to 24 months and it is huge!! My 3 yr old son would fit this. The entire onesie is sewn together crooked the logo isnt centered or as big as shown. Id6 post a pic but for some reason it doesnt have the option to....hmmmmm i can guess why. For $16 this onesie was a complete and total rip off!!! I am so pissed off because anytime i ever order from china something like this happens and i know they do these stupid things purposefully!!! Just dont buy it unless you want to waste money and time!!

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