Infant-to-Toddler Rocker Fisher-Price

  • Dark Safari
  • Please turn on the button in the bottom for the item to vibrate
  • Fold-out kickstand & reclining seat for feeding or napping
  • Bat-at toys & musical elephant stimulate baby’s senses
  • Deep cradle seat with calming vibrations soothes younger babies
  • Toy bar easily removes for older babies to sit & play
  • 1 D battery is required
Category: Baby
Tags: Baby Toys

Comments about Infant-to-Toddler Rocker Fisher-Price 1

I purchased this little rocker when my daughter was only two months old. With so many swings and rockers on the market, I did have a hard time choosing what to get at first, but I ended up choosing this one for two reasons : price & simplicity. There's so many options out there but honestly I didn't need nor want any of the fancy features that most swings come with today. Now this rocker fulfilled it's role just as well as the high end market ones. It kept my little one asleep for as long as I needed it to, and it vibrated to soothe her when she was fuzzy. It's not bulky in any way so I was able to move from room to room with ease. I also took it a few times to her grandmother's house for visits and it fit quite nicely in our small cars trunk (2012 corolla) The set up was also simple, and I absolute loved that you could pull the whole sleeve off to throw it in the wash. It's held up quite nicely after many, many, washes.Now my daughter is almost three and she still uses this little rocker. (Naps included) It's been through several kids at this point and not a single tear has been seen. I am so pleased with this product and how much use I got out of it. It was definitely a great investment and would recommend it to any and all parents.I went ahead and added two photos, the first is from when she was newborn, and second is 2 years from the original purchase date.

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