Boppy Newborn Hello Baby Lounger 2020

  • Perfect place for newborns to kick and coo in comfort and provide parents with a hands-free moment
  • Unique recessed interior designed to cradle baby's bottom - keeping baby relaxed and secure
  • Grab and go - soft, lightweight fabric with convenient cloth handle for easy travel
  • Wipeable fabric for the small messes and machine washable for the not so small
  • Designed for baby's awake time
  • Black and Gold
Category: Baby
Tags: Floor Seats

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Amazon Customer
My name is Joann Glover Straughter and I am from Saint Louis. I am so excited that my first born son has his own first born son. I got this pillow for my grandson Tony Jr. who is three weeks and 2 days old. I ordered it February 15, 2018, it was delivered to them on the 17th of February. My son Tony Sr. said it is better than their pillows on his bed, it is so soft!!. LOL My son said the Boppy Pillow is awesome!! When he laid his son Tony Jr. on the pillow he fell to sleep immediately and it surprised him!! My son said while the baby was in the swing later he laid a blanket over the pillow and laid on it and all he could say was the pillow is sooo soft and so plush that it is Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! He can't stop talking about it. I am now afraid that he is going to try and take it from the baby. LOL Just kidding he would not do that!!!Boppy Company my son, Tony Angelo Glover, 36 years old said if you need a spokes person you can call him, we are from Saint Louis, Missouri..Below is a picture of Tony Angelo Glover Jr. fast asleep on his new Boppy Pillow!!! :)

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