Emoji Bedroom Slippers - Cute Smiley Plush Slippers

  • WARM, COZY AND COMFORTABLE: The Fluffy and Cotton Feel front sole cushion are the best combination for a cold winter
  • ANTI-SLIP TECHOLOGY: Special treatment to the bottom sole to gain extra grip. No matter how you walk, run or even dance. NO MORE TRIPPING!
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: From Little Boys and Girls to Teens and Women or even Guys. Who Doesn't Enjoy a Little Fun and Cuteness :)
  • COLLECT THEM ALL FOR ALL MOODS: These cute Kitty Slippers are the best fun ideas to express yourself without saying a word.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you have not received 5-star product or service, please contact us. We resolve issues same day.
Category: Accessories

Comments about Emoji Bedroom Slippers - Cute Smiley Plush Slippers 1

Oh My Goodness - I love these black Kitty Slippers SO much! I did not expect to be so delighted! They fit perfectly, they are adorable AND they are SO comfortable!!! I am a 70 year old woman but feel like a giddy teenager when I wear them. The ONLY problem I am having is that I tend to want to keep them in my closet so I won't wear them out or get them dirty - but I'm sure I will get over that. I might even order another pair so I can keep one pair in perfect condition and actually wear the other pair.

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