Captain America Cufflinks Marvel 2020

  • Highly fashionable and suitable for office attire
  • Made by enamel and metal
  • Unique and stylish shape
  • Finely polished to ensure optimum smoothness of surface
Category: Accessories
Tags: Gift

Comments about Captain America Cufflinks Marvel 2020 1

**I've edited this review to include pictures of what happened the second time I wore them (hint: they completely broke).Looked great when I bought them, but then I wore them to work for the first time. About halfway through my day I looked at them, just to check them out since they were new. They were completely bent! The star shield itself didn't bend, but the metal piece that connects the star shield to the shirt bent. I assume this is due to using poor quality metal or something, I'm really not sure. Very disappointed.The other reviews for this product are great, so maybe I just got a bad set of cufflinks or something. However, one thing that was very disappointing was the fact that I contacted the seller about this issue and did not even get a response back from him/her (I specifically waited a bit before writing this to give them time to respond to me and remedy the situation). I would have even preferred a response that said "too bad" instead of no response at all.Oh well, live and learn.

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